Garden Adventure #2

Posted by Teen Bean

We headed out to our allotment and planted broad beans and carrots the other day. What blew me away this time was the difference in seeds... broad beans are these massive beans that need to have aggress amounts of space on our allotment. We had to plant them 12 inches across and apart from each other and then we had to cover them with a net. Word on the street is that if we didn't do this the birds will try and snatch them up.The carrot seeds on the other hand were so tiny. We hoed long rows and then just sprinkled in bunches and then gently recovered them in the earth.

Our little allotment has so much potential at this moment.

Planting these two very different seeds made me so amazed by our world. I mean have you seen carrot seeds?? From those little things to get full huge carrots!?! Woah! And Broad Bean seeds feel soooo smooth and round, yet you get these long skinny beans!?!?

Seeds to fruits amazes me. It reminded me that often what we plant looks different from what we will harvest... but its still important that, as we plant we keep the fruit in mind. The beans are going to sprout and get big and bushy... the carrot are going to have to have a couple harvest of little baby carrots in order to let bigger carrots grow... even as we plant these seeds we must remember the fruit that we intend to harvest.

Also, it is a good reminder that small seeds are a bit less work and big seeds need more time and attention. What small seeds of good are you planting in and around your life? Sometimes it's the little things we do for the people around us that really matters the most! This is a challenge for me.. I often think the bigger the seed the bigger the fruit... but as the little allotment is teaching me, that is not always true!

And so my prayers go...

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