A Song of Hope

Posted by Teen Bean

I am listening to this song as I pray this Monday Morning... there is a part where the singer just yell/sings "THERE IS HOPE!"

then just repeats and repeats and repeats .... "YOU'RE THE LOVE"

It just reminded me how any bit of love I get to experience... from my husband, my friends, my family, my neighbors... its all a reflection, a bit, a glimpse of this great love, Gods great love for me (and for you)....

and it brings such hope in all things.... hope... I love that word. It puts such goose bumps on my skin. All those things I desire to be put right, to be good, to be more.... they can and will happen... that is what hope is...

Have a listen and let Hope and Jesus Love truly wash over you! :D

Only 13 more days until Easter!!!

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