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Well, if you didn't know, I am here to tell you... THE OLYMPIC TORCH IS COMING TO COLCHESTER! I had to say it big and all excited because in the real world it is coming through our town at the butt-crack of dawn (ok 7:28am, but still early in my book!)

However, sense sooo many people keep looking me long and deeply in the eyes as they say "this is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity" I feel compelled to be excited about it as well (and no lies I am a bit goose bumpy about it!)

Interesting Fact: Did you know that  the
Olympic torch is lit in Greece months 
before the opening ceremonies? The fire 
is ignited in a ceremony where 11 women 
use a special mirror concentrating the 
Sun's rays. 

That being said, I have never attended so many meetings about one thing in the space of a couple week in the entirety of my life (minus church crap because you know how Christians like to have "meetings"), but if a few hours talking about one subject can make you a guru about it then let me introduce myself:

Madame Guru Olympia is here to break it down for you!

So July 6th bowy... get out your diary and make sure you write in RED, WHITE AND BLUE that from 7a-9a you have some Olympic Business.

 Then set you alarm for much to early. My guess is from my Estate it will take about 25 min to walk into town. So those who want to walk down with Steve and I are gunna have to be up and ready by 7:00am (and sorry this party bus will not wait for you people that always "accidentally" run late!)

The celebrating is going to be smashing... I'm planning on investing in a variety of union jack colors, flags and memorabilia (or just stealing them from my friend Maz H. who has a union jack obsession) ... I hear BBC 1 is gunna be filming the procession to make it a classic, "Mom-I'm-on-TV!" moment.

The route of the torch begins at the top of Harwich Rd travels down to East Hill then up the High Street (the wrong way) then hangs a right and heads down North Hill ending the party parade at Middlebourgh bus stop. 

I'm guess our little crew will prolly line the street somewhere near the high street/ the castle. 

Word on the street is that the sponsors of this parade Loyds and Coca Cola are gunna be handing out freebies along the parade route so we gotta get up close!

After the glamorous 32 min that the torch spends in Colchester there will be a couple hours worth of different celebrations to get involved with. A few choirs are coming to sing, some bands to play, loads of churches and business are opening up their doors early to hand out coffee, tea and bacon sandwiches. Basically lots of goodies and potential freebies (so you know you can count me in!)

I'm hoping a few peeps from our estate will join me, Madame Guru Olympia, and head down to enjoy the festivities, after all (your hand in mine while looking deeply and profoundly into your eyes) "This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!" 

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