If I made a time capsules...

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So going a bit off the "olympic" theme ... here in Colchester they (the town) are holding a competition for local schools to build a time capsule in honor of the olympics. The idea is that you have to put 10 items into a box that describes the "essence" of Colchester.

What things tell the story of Colchester? What items do Colchester-vites always have with them? What places are most frequently visited? What types of things can the people of Colchester not live without?

I know this is a kids thing, but every sense I heard about it I couldn't stop thinking... What if i made a time capsule of my time here in Colchester... What 10 objects would tell the story of my life here in Colchester? So here are the 10 things I would put in my time capsule to describe my life here in colchester: (in no particular order)

1. empty brie cheese wrapper
2. carrot seeds
3. library card
4. wine glass
5. copy of my wedding vows
6. union jack tea mug
7. bike chain
8. umbrella
9. prayer fairy lights
10. I heart my Mac car bumper sticker

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