A Lesson on Energy

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I think its important to ask questions about life.  I use this blog space often to tackle spiritual issues of development. This is mainly done by asking questions and providing resources for supporting and sustaining one's spiritual journey.  However, I think spiritual developers also need to remember that life is made of three equal and essensial aspects including: Mind, Body and Spirit. We need to be asking questions like the following: How are we helping to develop metal stability? What practices are we putting in place to ensure the physical world can support our physical bodies? etc!!

I ran across this video and was really challenged by this take on our energy supply. I think the line that hooked me was when they said people in the UK are addicted to energy. Addicted seemed like such a strong word, but as I watched the video I realized more he is totally right.

The physicist, David Mackay, in the video suggested a few things that people living in the UK should do to ensure that the energy crisis this generation and especially the next and the generation following that will face can be decreased or even eliminated.

His number one suggestions is GETTING A BIKE!

Followed by an increase in WIND FARMS and WAVE (TIDAL) MACHINES.

He also encourage building up nuclear plants (but that one I am not so much in favor of so I wont dwell on it!)

I think as people that are concern about life and spreading messages of hope and more meaningful lives we need to practically live that out by supporting the present life this planet is fighting for. As spiritual developers we must care about the whole person not just one part of what makes up a person.

Take the time to watch the above video and consider how you can change your engergy consumption....

also for those of you who must drive or have a deep love for your car check out this movement in Colchester called "Love UR Car Colchester" and take advantage of the hard work, informative tips and USEFUL INFORMATION about reducing your fuel consumption! http://www.loveurcarcolchester.co.uk/

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Awesome! I completely agree.

May 21, 2012 at 9:43 PM

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