cheese making just around the corner!

Posted by Teen Bean

well its official. I am in the process of meeting up with an 'age-old' cheese maker. There is a 'commune' or 'community' in this place called East Bergholt, Old Hall Community. My hubby went there a few months ago for a poetry event and I got to mix and mingle with some of the people and found out they make cheese!!! I even met the woman who is part of the cheese making process and she invited me to come back out and she would show me how to do it.

Its like the most wonderful dream come true. I've been reading about the cheese making processes lately and love the mixture of my two favorite things: Science and Food. I couldn't be in a happier place.

The hard part is organizing my crazy schedule with work and there being enough milk at the commune! (HA! I never thought I would say that!) But I feel something big is about to go down! I'd determined to use this passion to bring good into this world!!

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So rad!! Can't wait to taste your cheese!

October 24, 2012 at 5:11 PM

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