did 'ere such love and sorrow meet!

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Over this weekend i have had one of the best and worst times. Friday we spent the whole day getting ready for our "oscar party" that we were going to have on saturday night. The theme of the Oscar night was Golden Gnomes and it was so much fun to put together. I had to go to the mac store the other day to get my laptop iphoto program sorted and while i was there i found out that over this year i took over 9,000 photos! ha ha, it has been a incredibly photographed year. So from this plethora of photos i spent much of friday and saturday putting together loads of photos and films and choosing music. It was so much fun to go through all the pictures of this year and just remember how great of a year it was.

Then on saturday night it was such a glamorous event. Claire, the sister of my of my most favorite people Hannah, came over and did all of our hair and make up. She rocked into our house with her magic bag and by the time she left we all were chic and famous. We spent the night sipping on wine, laughing through memories, saying thank you's, and smiling for loads of photos. After the main party left, we all went into the boiler house and had a famous time drinking tea, eating donuts, and playing poker. It was one of the best nights of my life. 

Sunday morning i rolled out of bed, quite shattered from the day before. I was quite proud of myself and how well i had kept my emotions all in check. But then Sunday morning came. TCF church was amazing. They were so supporting in our year out and all the work we have done. They asked to pray for us and we had such a beautiful time being blessed. Then the moment. Jon Freeman one of the leaders, asked everyone to stand and give us an applause... it was one of those moments in life that I will remember forever. All the Great Ones, the wise leaders of this community, the dedicated, the pure of heart... with out any hesitation they stood to their feet and applauded our team. It was such an honor and such a push to keep on living and loving God. It was in that moment that i realized what living for Christ is all about. It more than just me and what is going on in my life... this life and living really makes a difference. As I looked out at Gods holy people... all of them beaming with pride at me and my little life... i realized how much God knew what he was doing and how much i want to live my life well so that at the end of this time i can hear Him say "well done my good and faithful servant"!! As i stood their arms around my team crying, hugging, and holding on to some of the last moments we had together, i to felt a deep sense of satisfaction with this year and what God has allowed me to be involved in.

As we entered a time of worship with TCF church we sang a beautiful old hymn. one of the lines sang "did 'ere such love and sorrow meet". i'd sung that song hundreds of times as a kid in church ... but in that moment, i felt a deeper understanding of those words then i ever have before. I realized that those two emotions can exist together and though they take all my attention, if i invest them in my relationship with Christ, they will form my character into one that Christ will look on and be satisfied in.

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