shatterd and friday

Posted by Teen Bean

What a day to tackle and totally tired. so i had a friend hannah over last night and true to girl form we stayed up late in the night chatting about none sense. Hannah informed me the next day that the sentences and rational that i had last night must have been directly related to my over tiredness... after re-thinking the rants i went on... i think i am forced to agree! 

so that being said, i woke up bright and early to chase down a tent, trudging it to the boiler house, get way hot and sweaty setting it up, chase back to mine to put together video footage for our good bye Oscar party that is tomorrow, and then rock up for our last night of Friday prayer walking. All through the day i just kept thinking "good-bye" and this is the random odd feeling "it felt good to say good bye". Hmm i heard through out this week a few more friends stories and a few more friends life decision for next year. the odd thing is everyone really seems to be doing what it is that i would say most suits them... and it feels good to say good bye to england for now. I want to push into this last week and in some ways i totally feel that i am. but i can't say how right it feels to just really let go of this place. I started realizing that i'm not suppose to plan out life at all.. and that feels so good. 

i have no idea where life is going, who i will meet, how i will fit in, what work God will get me up to, who goes with me or not....  but that is what i really want. i want this life to be a mystery to be and adventure, to be crazy... and here we go... fully trusting God, fully scared, and fully ready for this!

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