Random day in London!

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So this saturday i was looking forward to a day of nothing. Having just gone through a semi- busy week i was thinking... i just want to stay in bed all day. Friday some of the girls had been over (after prayer walking which rocked) and i was like dude i want to get my necked pierced... everyone is against it, but i really don't care. So the one thing i was going to do on saturday was go and get this piercing....

so 1030am rolls around and my lazy butt is still in bed. the sun was shining uber bright so i couldn't get back to sleep so i grogely roll over and snatch up my lap top... really i wanted to watch my favorite saturday morning cartoons so i was going to see what youtube had to offer on this subject.. but of course before getting to youtube my e-mail and fb did distract. 

a girl i had met in amsterdam was on-line as well and we started instant chatting. Before i knew it i found out that she randomly had come to London on her vacation week and was wondering if i could meet up with her. I considered my laying in bed option and piercing activity and soon decided a trip into london was for the best. One quick shower and train ride later i was sitting outside Tower Hill tube station as i waited for my friend to get across london.

As i sat and waited i decided to bide my time with my recently received copy of the vision and the vow. before i knew it i was completely engrossed really understanding that our vision should be Jesus. I was completely awed by the simple questions that were being asked. I was asked if "i really loved Jesus" but then i was asked the even harder question... " what made me happy that week" it was at that moment that i realized how not centered on christ my happiness is. then i was asked again "do you even like Jesus?" it was in that moment... as the masses of people passed in an out of Tower Hill that the answer was with out question "YES!" but the reality of my life was that i should it very poorly. In that moment i was so challenged to reacess my life. 

What am i chasing after? what really makes me happy? How do i show jesus i love him? I spent some time praying in that moment out side Tower Hill as i waited for my friend to show up.  10 min later i was happily reunited with an amazing friend and we rocked up to a near by starbucks (which happened to be in this beautiful gazebo... so we renamed it a "starbo"). We then spent the better part of 2 hours sharing stories of how God has showed up in our lives sense the last time we met. We had the chance to encourage each other, challenge each other, support each other. I found myself instantly connected with her and her journey while completely rocking on my journey as well... Is our God big or what. 

We then spent some time seeing the greater sights of london... slammin through the ever famous Camdon Market. Our conversation took us through the journey i have been on this past year with the Boiler House community i have lived in and before i knew it... the two of us were catching a train back to my england home so i could show her around the Stanford Boiler House. Once we got there i shared mores and more of my journey. We shook it up to my place and had some dinner, laughing through fun memories of my short time volunteering at The Shelter in Amsterdam and connected my friendship there with my friendships here. 

We then walked back to the train station and spend the next half hour just drowning our selves in one of the best united prayer times i've had. We spoke into each other lives, stabblized our faith, built each other up with encouragement, and just poured christ love out on each other. It was beautiful, we rocked up to the train station with 2 min to spare. Said quick good byes and one meaningful hug later and she was zooming back to life in amsterdam and i walking back to my house on the other side of this little english town that has become my home.

it was at that moment that i just realized how freaking big our God is and how much he totally has it all together. Enough to bring the two of us together to speak words to each other that we both needed to hear. It also just made me connect deeply with the beauty of individual journey's we are on and how connected they all are. I have no idea if this beautiful sister in Christ and i will ever see each other again or if our Journeys serving God will cross again... but some how that just didn't matter. The beauty of the lives God called each of us to, the detail he takes to coordinate it all, the love he chooses to shower on us. It just is immense. 

The day was random, the day was meaningful, the day was so God. In the end i just walked away smiling to myself as God yet again showed up in my life and yet again confirmed to me that in the moment that he needs to take me somewhere, he will get me there! Walking through this life doesn't seem scary at all know my big papa God is hold my hand and will get me there. God smiles on my face!

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