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so the real question is can i pack all my stuff up in one day? here is hoping so!! so the plan is as follows... PURGE! i have only lived in this country for 10 months and people on a whole would be shocked by the sheer amount of crap i have accumulated. And the weird thing is i feel like i kept getting rid of things... but the fruit of that labor is so not evident! reeeeeee!

so i just had one of the most lovely days ever. a satisfying day reviewing over all the things we have learned in our transit year. It was so surprising to realize how much we really have learned. Then we just had a super long and relaxing afternoon just chillaxing in the garden, drinking beers, laughing, watching wimbeldon... it was beautiful. we had amazing roast dinner and then i just laid in the prayer room reading through 2 peter loving that i am so free at this time of my live... trying to absorb every moment i could. We ate a beautiful roast dinner in the garden and just really enjoyed each others company. 

i think my most fav part of the evening was when Peggy, this 80 something year old lady in our community, wobbled into the prayer room. I was finishing filling out an application for a job. She and i just casually chatted about jobs and applying for jobs... then in just the most simple and natural way we asked if we could pray for each other. So different are our lives... yet in that moment things between us were not so different. Just two people wanting to worship God, surrender to his will, and be radical for him. It was one of the most powerful prayer times i have ever had and i so appreciated her faithfulness and determination. We asked for God to meet each others needs and called out for blessing in each others lives and spent some quality time encouraging each other in this journey we are on in Christ. I'm going to miss Peggy loads and in that moment i just wished i had been more intentional in knowing everyone just that much more....  hmmm I'm glad one of the promises God has given us is eternal life with him in his Kingdom... rocking that life in the kingdom to come with peggy is a hope i now cling to!! 

good times!

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Praying for a great trip home and CANNOT WAIT to see you at Taco Bell!!! I've been Tina deprived for way too long... See you soon!
- Jen

July 1, 2009 at 11:15 PM

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