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well summers come and summers go... round two of good-byes... i'm getting better. tho my tune has started changing... more see, ya laters, less 'good-bye',

I am off to grad school.

Northwest University
location: Kirkland, Wa
2,000 miles from chicago to seattle... flip yeah!!!

i'll be studying International Care and Community Development. 18 months... of globalization, urban studies, social justice, entrepreneurship, research methods, women and children at risk, health, healing and culture, and Field Practicum... come on if that doesn't rock this world, what does!?!?

I have a job interview at a hospital to work in a microbiology department... double woop woop... very excited to sport that white lab coat again!

still don't have a house to live in... but all in good time right!?!? ha ha

i've been slightly nervous that i would just be moving to another rich part of america... i guess, i kind of view seattle as a snobbish city, but just the other day i was reading about how they are one of the least religious places in america, has the #1 suicide rate, and is one of the top city in america dealing with homeless youth... my passion is for the hurt and lost, sounds like a pretty broken place to me. i'm excited to see how i can join God in what he is up to there.

Pacific Northwest... here i come!!!

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