what the hell are we fighting for?

Posted by Teen Bean

Same town, same night, two girls, two stories...

both girls stayed up all night... one helping run a prayer night and the other sat in a jail cell...

both girls looked rough the next morning... one from joining in the battle, not against flesh and blood, but against the devi
l and his angle; living in the promise that to pray
is to see change; and the other from fighting against the reality that living in sin has consequences and walked the streets looking for help.
both girls ended up in the same church kitchen hungry... one for more energy to get
back into the prayer room to continue firmly guarding against the attacks of the evil one and the other wanting energy to keep running from her past...
both girls found themselves sharing the same cold
sandwich and stories about life... one fill with good- byes, hurt, strength and hope; and the others filled with good-byes, hurt, brokenness, and despair.

both girls parted ways... one back to her prayer post, filled with meaning and purpose; and the other running from a past that wont let her go.

same place,
same outer state...

but our hearts were different and made our worlds a
its who you
love and how you live, thats going to make a difference. It recognizing what really counts...

i know which one i am.... which one are you!?!?

we've hear the whispers and see the hand print of our living God!

pictures from the prayer space!!! amazing!!!

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