Now that i started unpacking... look what i found

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Quotes from the Road Trip:

"we're leaving at 5am... SHARP!" ~ mom and dad (5 hours later we finally leave... 1st break 1.5 hours later!)

"we are not rushed" ~Tina

"yeah, that totally is a guesstimation and i don't even think it's accurate" ~ Coral

"yes, it is ture, there are 3 cows for every ONE PERSON in Montana" ~ map of montana

"so many cows, so few people" ~ Coral

"first one to miles city... WINS!" ~ Tina

"If a plane on average flies 800 mph and takes 24 hours to get to china, then the sun must move twice as fast, approx 1,600 mph, this is a complete guesstimation" ~ Tina and Coral

"oh the horsey..." ~coral
"ummmmm thats a cow..." ~ Tina (there was a horse... ~coral)

"OMG that semi seriously had to grind rail to squeeze by us" (on the mountains in montana) ~ Tina

"open range... expect cows on the road" ~ montana sign

"what a boring life (cows)!" ~ coral

"he's a guy... somehow they always know!" ~ Coral (while dad changed the flat tire)

"just eat your grape and keep your mouth closed" ~ Tina

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