New Address

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Right right

so here is my new address:

5310 113th Place N.E.
Kirkland, Wa

i love getting mail... so feel free!! wink!

also went and bought books today. it was one of the first times i went and spent money on textbooks where i actually am interested in reading... maybe this grad school plan wasn't such a bad idea!

my mind will be wrapped around the following text for the next semester

1. Cultures and organizations: Software for the mind. Hofstede, G and Hofstede, G.J.

2. The world is flat: A brief history of the twenty-first centry. Friedman, T.L.

3. Justice: Rights and wrongs. Walterstorff, N.

4. Publications Manual of the APA. American Psychological Association

I also spend a big chunk of time yesterday at my new employer Everygreen Hospital... giving blood, having my wee drug tested, and taking a color blind test.

And the best news of the week... I found a shop called THE BRITISH PANTRY... they sell beans and tea!!! home isn't so far away after all! the lady that owns it is from the midlands... i just go talk to her whenever i get a bit home sick!

love it!

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