proposal in the parking lot!!

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so finding love is a beautiful thing. we all are in search of it, in one form or another... and i'll be honest... as much as i rave about the benefit of single living; the freedom, the adventure, the spontaneity.... At the heart of it, i'm just like everyone else... looking for love (and mostly in all the wrong places!)

Needless to say i have refused to let other peoples' opinion on how i treat my body influence me for the least. If i want to cut my hair, i cute my hair. if i want a tattoo on my head, i get a tattoo on my head. If i want to eat freaking chips while sitting on my friend sarah kitchen floor, i will sit on the floor and eat the whole bag of chips. AND If I want to piece the back of my neck, I WILL PIERCE THE BACK OF MY NECK!

Despite all the grimesis, groans, scrunched up faces, raised eyebrows, useless head shakes, and disapproving sighs... i have stood strong and proud of my beautiful new addition to the creative expression of my personality. MY NEW NECK PIERCING!

so much to my pleasure, yesterday i was standing at the Red Box, waiting as my friend sarah checked out a red box movie. there i was, innocently texting away and proudly being me... when who should appear but my knight in shinning metal (ok so it was mostly just facial metal.... but it works!) and in not so many words declare not only his undying love for me and my beauty but his eager desire to sweep me off my feet and carry me away to our happily ever after. Yes, it true... all girls want to be Princesses (ask James Godward... he read it in some book!) Of course i was speechless, but managed a genuine smile and a heart felt "yes" as i realize the true feeling of being completely accepted in one of my truest forms of myself.

it was a moment like this that made me seriously appreciate the world, people, and body jewelery... it just brings people together man. So, Summer love is real, it can happen, and sometimes you just have to be true to yourself to realize it!

*as a side note... sarah, my friend that was standing next to me checking out a movie from the red box, might tell you a completely different story about how some nasty biker guy asked if i had a neck piercing, in which i replied yes, and then he said cool and just walked into the jewel store, but come on, seriously!! who are you going to believe some girl that was completely distracted by the process of checking out a movie from the red box.... or ME a character in my very own Happily Ever After!?!?

Love is true and it can happen to you... if you are young at heart (and rocking a totally sexy neck piercing!)

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