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so because thinking is one of my hobbies... and often i am told i over think... (sheesh whatever) i thought i would take a small moment to record just a few of the questions that are on my mind... for the moment...

would i accept a gift from someone I love, knowing it will save people i love, but would require giving up ever seening a person i love the most?

should i tell friends i just use them?

which hurts more, laughing so hard i cried or crying so hard i laughed?

if God is everwhere, then why does it hurt so much to leave?

what if to live fully in the moment and make everyone happy would mean forgetting where I came from... forever!?

what if my future is just a blurry reflection of my past?

why do people always want to go out for dinner and drinks... does no one find it fun to stay at home?

what if there is no good or bad... just power... what would i be living for in that world and could i have friends?

what if i had a baby and loved it so much i hurt it?

who exactly said that a meal had to consist of meat and some random sides of veggies??... i don't think i like meat!!

"absents makes the heart grow founder"... who said that?... were they being sarcastic? don't people just forget you if your not around?

what if the one place i fit in, i was never allowed to be?

does swearing really make a difference?

can i take my own advice?

could i live with out music?

what if people i was meant to be close to never made an effort to listen to me, would i get tired of trying to tell them who i was?

what if premartial sex cut the divorce rate in half would christians still be so judgemental against it?

can i be what i say i want?

it flippin keeps on going... !!

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