couch surfing... i'm so about this!!

Posted by Teen Bean

so i pretty much have become obsessed with this idea of couch surfing.... the idea was unveiled to me by a friend, Coen, who is visiting the ol' America's from Amsterdam- land. While making his way through Seattle, we were able to share a happy and sunny Saturday together...

now this dude is hard... like, "i eat nails" hard. He is here visiting America for 3 months... with ONE BACK PACK to his name. He has no intention of paying for any sort of transportation while he is here... no no, he is solely relying on hitch hiking and his own two feet to get up and down the west coast... (i'm telling you now, this has Saw V written all over it!). Everything he needs is packed tightly away in a ridiculously oblong back pack and at night, when this highly independent individual needs a place to sleep... he finds it... on the couch of a complete stranger!!

how you ask!?? ah the power of the inter-web! ... that magical address hands you the entire world... Seattle alone has over 900 people who have registered their couches as free for the booking.... just hit up the area of town you want to see... zip an e-mail over to said "couch possessor" and bam you find yourself catching the comfy wave of "Couch Surfing".

this idea absolutely connects with me... more people need to get behind this idea... could you imagine if every body... every where let their couches (how ever many they own) be used for couch surfing!?!? would we have any homeless people in the world!?! As Coen and i had many a heavy conversation about the state of the church, the economy, heck... the world, i became completely fascinated by this idea of couch surfing... 900 COUCHES IN SEATTLE ALONE!! that would take me over 3 YEAR to surf through just the couches in Seattle... and that is if i moved ever night! most places will let you stay 3 or 4 days! How long could one couch surf!?!?

there is something in this i tell you... something big! i'm not sure what, but this knowledge could change the world as we know it...this kind of networking... this raw power... i'm telling you, this could be used to end loads of world pain... if only i could figure out how... hell i think i just want to give it try!!!

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September 29, 2009 at 12:31 PM

Thats just crazy but cool!!! if your friend Coen makes it all the way to the Chi.... he can surf on my couch!

October 8, 2009 at 12:48 AM

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January 29, 2010 at 2:16 AM

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