i wanna go to the club!

Posted by Teen Bean

there is no spiritual aspect to this.

3 week people.

3 weeks i have been the ever dedicated student. 3 weeks i have been the responsible employee. 3 weeks i have kept it together... i'm very proud of this. but who am i? work. school. read. sleep. repeat!?!? i've spent more time indoors doing what is expect of me... and it has been amazing! props to those who keep there shtuff together... it does pay off. but BUT all of today i paced. like a large tiger. in a small cage. I NEED RELEASE!!! the hermit in me must go on strike! i'm not this person... i can't do this. I don't do staying in very well! i mean its been fine for 3 weeks, but i'm finding that is my limit. 3 weeks, then i need to just stop and put everything that is anything on the back burner and just remember that living is about just doing!

i must find a club. I must have fun. I must go out!!!

so i am.

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