so maybe it was spiritual!

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ha ha!

so i did go to the club the other night... after an inspiring conversation that not only made me happier about life in general, but also add two very hot dance moves to my repertoire, i decided i need to make the most of my friday night. in reality i had decided to go to a movie (ahh 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs', looks famous!) ... but i couldn't find the cinema, ha ha they moved it swear, so i just parked up the car and decided i would find a place to get a drink. it was totally self motivated and self serving this night, but you know how sometimes God just uses something to remind you why you dream?

so there i was bar #1, rum and coke chillaxing by the pool table.... all i could think about was the good time we had over the last year... two good friends from england, James and Charl have an epic pool game story that will forever be in my mind (wow two of the most competitive souls ever! not to mention another brilliant pool game where steve and i totally dominated.. well we won.. lets just say that) but yeah i was there and it was cool to see the groups of people just gettin down and having a good time, but their was something i was suppose to learn that night.

i finished my rum and coke and got a little board, so decided to move on to location #2. As i was walking the streets, people here and there, falling all over themselves, God just kept whispering "what are you gunna do?" I was like "what do you mean what am i gunna do? i'm gunna go get a drink!"

i didn't know where i was going or what i wanted. i just followed the mass of drunk people! they all were entering this strange building, going down a hall, and behind a black curtain... it only cost 5 bucks so i joined them! ahhh heaven (well at least a small slice!) they had a dj cranking it up... and then this random rap crew tore it up... it was immense and the whole time i just found myself lost in praying for these people. you could tell they were good people, that they wanted good to happen, that they wanted to have a good time. and i just kept thinking? God what if you got ahold of this!?!? what if all these incredibly beautiful and talented people were doing this for your glory? and then my sweet jesus whispered "show them how"...

ha ha so i did. right there, just me, with drunks on my right and rappers on my left. I just worshiped jesus and gave him the glory! I finished my rum and coke, said one final prayer over the group and left them in Gods hands.

the whole time i walked back to my car, God just said "see its simple... just live for me... i'll do the rest!" ha ha i still did start thinking what a massive opportunity I have to reach out to people on nights like that ... incredible... and I'm so excited to get involved! ahh i love the club... its where i dream!!!

oh and the dance moves so payed off... good thing i practiced before i left! wink wink!

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Tina, I do miss you. I also want to see that film. Hope you find the cinema soon.
Thanks also for pointing out that we can show others God, just by living, just by having him in our hearts and going and doing what we do. 'Preach the gospel every day, and if necessary use words'

September 22, 2009 at 6:33 AM

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