brilliant time with sally!

Posted by Teen Bean

ahhh i am already hating tomorrow because i will have to take sally to the airport... booo! i was so nervous on her coming and why!?!? she is amazing... she has been so extremely nice to me... listening to me, letting me ask hard questions, letting me blab on about how much i love steve! haha she has been very kind, indeed!

we have had some really refreshing talks and it was just so lovely to hear some great updated info on a community, people, and family that i left behind in england... it was good to hear the prayer house is alive and kicking too!

it was fun to see sally get that sparkle in her eye when she talks about the dreams she hopes for in prayer and God and community....

it was fun to hear about life... big, messy, crazy, funny, joyful life!

i got all used to finally having someone around that likes to have tea (i got her fruit tea don't worry) all the time and who always answers with just that much high of a tone in their voice (ahh the english accent... must you go!?!?!).

its been a brilliant weekend i hate for it to end...

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