weekend defining spirituality?

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i spent a long week, and weekend, opening my thesis with a defence of why its important for 24-7 Prayer to be focusing mission in Europe... (altho after reading some of brian heasly's blog this weekend and a reviewing my Guildford Boiler Room notes i might have to do some editing!)

but here was a little teaser of what i came up with...

What is spirituality? Simply said spirituality is a human condition. There is no denying that spirituality can be a complex and broad topic, but for the sake of relevance and practicality I am interested in describing spirituality in the most basic and applicable way. The biblical support is recognized as humans are described as holistic beings make up of body, mind, soul, and strength (Luke 10:27). Additional definitions have claimed, “Spirituality is religion put into practice” (Burkhardt, 2010, p. 45) and other that “spirituality is an attitude of hope” (Austad, 2010, p10). I believe spirituality is a combination of these two simple ideas. Spirituality is a process as much about belief as it is action and as much about action as it is about belief. For this reason, I would define spirituality as an intentional attitude of active hope.

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